Create a project on ManagePlaces

How to create a project

Watch our short tutorial:

Follow the steps to create your project:

1. Click on "Projects" in the menu bar on the top:
Project bar

2. Click the blue "Add project" button:

Add Project Button

3. A "New Project" window opens. You can start filling in the "Basic Details" such as the name of the project. By clicking the blue "Next" button on the bottom left side of the form you will be taken to the next step. Optional fields will be marked as such.
New Project Window

4. After clicking "Next" you can fill in the "Project Parameter" such as "Start" and "Estimated Completion Date". Click "Next" to continue
In this step you have the option to assign "KPI targets" and add "Custom Fields". If you are just getting started with ManagePlaces you won't have any "KPI" and "Custom Fields" defined, in that case leave the default selection "No" for both options and continue with the project creation. You can add "KPI" and "Custom Fields" at a later stage. 
Project Parameters

5. In the next step you can select a "Project Template" to fill the project with tasks, milestones etc.. When you're done, click the "Create Project" button.
Please note that if this is your very first action and project on ManagePlaces you won't have any templates created. In that case just go ahead and click "Create Project".
Project Template

6. Congratulations! You have created you first project. You can now go ahead and
  1. create tasks,
  2. invite team members,
  3. upload documents and
  4. everything else you need to be able to start managing your projects.

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