How to add ManagePlaces to Home Screen as an App icon?

How to add ManagePlaces to Home Screen as an App icon?

ManagePlaces can work very similarly to the rest of your smartphone Apps.

To add ManagePlaces as an App icon to your iOS or Android home screen and remain logged in, please follow the below steps. Note this will also prevent Location Access permissions from being requested whenever you log in.

1. iOS

1.1. On iOS Safari Browser, type in the ManagePlaces link:
1.2. Once the login page loads, select the Safari Page icon [^], indicated in the image below, and then tap "Add to Home Screen"Ensure you are happy with the App icon name and select "Add".

Add app icon to home screen

1.4. iOS will take you back to the App home screen, where you can see the new ManagePlaces icon. Tap the icon and log in (you only need to do this once). You will be asked to permit location access, where you should click "Allow". From now on, you can access ManagePlaces on your iOS device using this icon, where you will remain logged in and without further location access requests.

2. Android

2.1. On an Android Browser (e.g. Google Chrome), type in the ManagePlaces link:
2.2. Once the website loads, open the menu on the right side of the web link and choose "Add to Home Screen".

2.3. To adjust the name, simply type in a short description and press "Add".
2.4. Confirm the icon to be used in the shortcut by clicking "Add" again.
2.5. Your ManagePlaces shortcut is now visible on your home screen.


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