How to create a milestone

How to create a milestone

A milestone represents an important date within you project, such as the start of a development, or a deadline for work to be completed by. When viewing your project's Gantt chart, milestones are represented with a diamond icon.

Milestones can be created in one of two ways:
  1. By converting an existent task into a milestone.
  2. By creating a new milestone.
Watch our short tutorial on how to create milestones:

1. Converting an existent task

1.1. Go to the task overview page ("Projects" >  "Tasks")
Task overview

1.2. The type of the task can be seen in the "Type" column. By double clicking on the type of a task it can be changed to "Milestone".

Only standalone tasks can be converted into milestones. If a task has one or more subtasks you won't be able to change the type. 


type drop-down

2. Creating a new milestone

2.1. Navigate to the task overview in your project click on the blue "Add task" button and select "Add milestone".
Add a milestone

2.2. A new milestone will be created in your overview. You can edit the information about the milestone directly in the overview.

Edit milestone

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