How to create an estimate and convert it into a project (Pro Plan)

How to create an estimate and convert it into a project (Pro Plan)

One of the great features in ManagePlaces is the ability to create estimates that can be converted into working projects with tasks and assigned team members upon approval. You can do this in 4 simple steps.

Watch our short tutorial:

1. First create an estimate. To do this, click "Finances" > "Estimates" > "Add estimate".

Add estimate

2. The next screen is where we will create our estimate. Fill in your estimate's Name, select or add a Customer and build your estimate by adding tasks and items on each line. When your estimate is complete, click 'Add estimate'.

Note: Before you can add items (like materials or labour) into your estimate, you need to create and price them first. Here is a simple tutorial explaining how.
Add estimate

3. Once you are happy, you can approve the estimate by clicking "Estimate options" > "Authorise" . Click "I'm sure" in the pop-up to confirm. Your estimate is now approved and ready to be turned into a working project.

Authorise estimate

4. To turn your estimate into a project, first click on "Create project" and  fill in your project's details including dates and team members. 

Create a project

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