How to create custom roles and permissions for your team

How to create custom roles and permissions for your team

There are three predefined roles for users in ManagePlaces:
  • Admin:  a user with access to all system areas including project, inviting users, accessing reports and finance.

  • Team member:  a user with the ability to access and change only projects and/or tasks they are assigned to.

  • Guest: a user that only has access to view (read-only) projects and/or tasks they are assigned to.

You can also create your own custom roles and permissions:

1. Go to "Settings" > "Roles" > "Add role".
New role

2. In the new window you can define the "Name" of the new role and activate the permissions by clicking on the box in the "Enabled" column.
New role definition

3. When you're done with the selection click on the blue "Create role" button on the bottom left side of the form.

Create role

Note: You'll notice that some permissions at Company level are marked as "Administrative". Selecting these will mark the role as an administrator role and users with this role will count towards your user allowance.

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