How to create dependencies between tasks

How to create dependencies between tasks

In ManagePlaces you can easily create a task dependency that is “Start after” (i.e. your new item will depend on the previous item).
This is how it works:

1.1. Navigate to the gantt chart view ("Projects" > "Tasks" > "Gantt")
Gantt view
1.2. You can then drag that new task to move it immediately after the “predecessor” task. Then, hovering your mouse on the end of the “predecessor” task until a small grey circle appears.

1.3. Clicking with the mouse and dragging the line with your mouse onto the start of the newly created task, then releasing the mouse. This will create the dependency.
Task dependency

You will then notice that moving the “predecessor” item (i.e. because of a delayed start) or resizing the item (by clicking and dragging closer to the end of the “predecessor" task) will move the dependent item by the equivalent in working days (currently Monday to Friday but of course that’s changeable on each project Edit page as well as your company settings).

Note: You can also delete any dependencies created, by double-clicking on a dependency grey line in the Gantt chart.

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