How to export custom Project Snapshots

How to export custom Project Snapshots

The Snapshot Report feature in ManagePlaces allows you to easily capture a snapshot of any project in your account, customise the information you want to show, and print or export the report.

Watch our short tutorial or follow the steps below:

1. Go to "Projects" > select your project from the list > click on "Actions" > "Snapshot Report"

Project dashboard

2. Your Snapshot Report will open in a new window. Click on "Customise Snapshot" to select the project details. This will show tick boxes for all Project Details as well as columns in the Task Table.

customise snapshot

4. Tick and untick the fields you require, then click at the 'Customise Snapshot' button again to save. Your Snapshot Report will now only show the selected fields and columns:

Note that the customisation you apply will be stored for this project, so you are not required to repeat these tasks when accessing a Snapshot Report for the same project.

You can print your report using the Print function on your browser, or Save as PDF for browsers that support this option, such as Google Chrome.

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