Using the Drag 'n' Drop Gantt Chart

Using the Drag 'n' Drop Gantt Chart

When you create a project in ManagePlaces, the system will automatically generate a Drag 'n' Drop Gantt chart for you. Making changes to your project is as simple as dragging and dropping and, because the Gantt chart is fully dynamic, any changes you make to tasks will automatically update the rest of your project, along with reminders and notifications.

Watch our short tutorial or follow the steps below:

1. Access a project's Gantt chart ("Projects" > "Tasks" > "Gantt")
Gantt view

2. In the left-most column of your Gantt chart, you will see a list of your project's tasks. Double click on the task you want to edit. This will bring up the Quick Edit form where you can make updates to dates, status, assignees etc. 
Edit task in gantt chart view
3. To edit a task's duration, hover over the task until your cursor changes to an arrow icon. Now click and drag the task to update its duration. To edit a task's date, simply click on the task and drag it to the new date. All dependent tasks will update automatically, along with the date's of email reminders and notifications.

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