Version control: adding multiple versions of documents

Version control: adding multiple versions of documents

If you work with drawings or other documents that go through multiple rounds of markups and amends, the version control feature in ManagePlaces can be used to link all versions together providing you with a full audit trail so you can always access older versions of your document as needed, including crucial information like upload date, comments and share history.

Here's how to use version-control in ManagePlaces:

1. Go to "Project" > select a project > go to "Documents" to bring up your document list. Click on the ellipses and select "Upload new version".

Upload New Version of the document

2. Select the file and upload it. Your new document version is uploaded and will always be available to access in the "Versions" menu of any document. To download a version of your document, simply click on the "Download" icon.

Upload a new version

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